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Angel on fire.

Panajachel, Guatemala December 2017. It started out like any other Nativity play but ended spectacularly bad. Christmas in Guatemala is an interesting time; more or less the same as back home but also very different. The shops still push Christmas … Continue reading

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The ‘easy’ way to learn a foreign language.

What makes (some of) us Brits (myself included) so inept at learning another language? In my opinion, two reasons: laziness and the fact that we don’t really need to bother; English is the universal language across the world. I’ve been … Continue reading

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A (possible) farewell return.

Five years ago my wonderful mother departed this mortal coil; we shared 48-years on this earth, a lot longer than I imagined we would. 92-years of age is a pretty good innings. If there is indeed an ‘after life’ I’m … Continue reading

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“Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

Remember that ‘amusing’ childhood saying that parents used to real off just before you went to bed?  Well a few nights ago I got to experience the real deal. The story starts at breakfast time, following my first night back … Continue reading

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