Lago 69.

“The restless Andean adventure capital of Huaraz came into its own based on a blessed location amidst some of the prettiest mountains in the world. Though nearly wiped out by the earthquake of 1970, Huaraz rebounded to become Peru’s high-adrenaline showpiece, with trekking and mountaineering leading the heart-thumping charge. It buzzes with adventure seekers of all ilks in high season (May to September) and slows to little more than a crawl the rest of the year, when many folks shut up shop and head for the beaches.” Lonely Planet South America.

Lago 69 – Altitude Max: 4550m / 14,928ft.

Lake 69 lies just at the flank of The Pisco and Chacraraju Mountains and is supposed to be one of the most beautiful aqua colored glacial lakes in Northern Cordillera. Considered by most hikers as one of the most impressive scenic day hikes in the entire region, it is a unique and special place. The hike is rated as medium to hard because of the altitude and challenging last section, just before you reach the lake.

It was a 5am start and a tough hike but extremely rewarding.

Whilst in Huaraz I also managed to satisfy my yearning for a good curry. The fiery curries at Chilli Heaven, an English-run restaurant, were some of the best that I have tasted in South America.

Next stage: Trujillo.





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