The Medieval Tower.

In the later medieval period, Shrewsbury was encircled by a defensive wall with a number of watch towers at intervals.

Town Walls Tower is the last surviving of these watch towers and it was given to the National Trust in 1930.

The Tower is currently leased to the nearby School, and is open three weekends each year in June, August and October.


In the 1860’s the tower was converted into a dwelling by John Humphreys, of Swan Hill Court. In 1930 his daughter, Rachel Humphreys, gave the tower to the National Trust.

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The Burleigh map of 1575, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, shows the full extent of Shrewsbury’s town walls. The Welsh bridge is located at the top of the map, English bridge to the bottom. The watch towers can be seen to the left. It is believed that Town Walls Tower is the one nearest to English bridge.


The upper door gave access to the ‘allure’ or walkway which extended along the walls. The lower door would have been at street level.

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