Isla de Ometepe (Nicaragua).

11/02/2016: Took the early morning bus from Granada to Rivas (1.5 hrs) and then shared a surprisingly cheap taxi to the ferry port at San Jorge. It normally takes 1-hour to get to Moyogalpa (on Ometepe), however, the weather was so bad that we had to wait two hours for the lake to calm down enough to allow, a relatively, safe passage.

Ometepe’s twin volcanic peaks, clean waters, wide beaches, wildlife population, archaeological sites and dramatic profile are quickly propelling it up traveler tick lists. More than 1700 petroglyphs have been found on Ometepe, making this a traveler’s adventure fantasy island. The island’s two major settlements, Altagracia and Moyogalpa, both offer accommodations and restaurants, but to experience the true charms of Ometepe you need to travel further out. I chose the small settlement of Santa Cruz.

Next stage: An unfortunate set of events unfold.



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