Jazz & Blues in Boquete (Panama).

The mountain town of Boquete, the Napa Valley of coffee, is known throughout Panama for its cool, fresh climate and pristine natural setting. Flowers, coffee, vegetables and citrus fruits flourish in Boquete’s rich soil, and the friendliness of the locals seems to rub off on everyone who passes through. 

Boquete was very much intent on remaining a small town, but was faced with a change beyond anyone’s control – baby boomers started getting old. When the American Association for Retired Persons’s Modern Maturity magazine named Boquete one of the four top places in the world to retire, foreign retirees started snatching up mountain plots. Today, gated communities dot the hillsides and the face of Boquete is slowly being transformed. 

For travelers, Boquete is one of the country’s top destinations. Outdoor lovers can hike, climb, raft or go on a canopy tour. You can also visit coffee farms, soak in hot springs and study Spanish here.

A Jazz & Blues festival was taking place on the weekend that I arrived in town. With some free open concerts taking place – the vibe was awesome.

I really enjoyed my time in Boquete: great accomodation, great restaurants, a micro-brewery and some excellent hiking.

A great little place I visited was Mi jardín es su jardín. A magnificent garden surrounding a luxurious private estate.

Next stage Santa Fé.


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