Peace and tranquility in Santa Fé (Panama).

To get from Boquete to Panama City currently takes around 9-hours. My backside was protesting against yet another long distance bus journey so I decided to break the ride up by visiting Santa Fé – approximatley half way between Boquete and Panama City.

The journey, using public transport, consisted of the following legs: Boquete to David (1hr) David to Santiago (3hrs) Santiago to Santa Fé (1.5hrs).

Located in the Veraguas mountain range, about 5 hours from Panama City, Santa Fé offers a unique experience of a laid back traditional Panamanian village where horses are still commonly used as a means of transportation. Santa Fé offers a convenient base to explore the vast wilderness of the national park and the native reservations, stretching for over 40 miles in three directions.

Santa Fé is a perfect location for those who love nature, adventure and authentic culture. It’s offerings include swimming, rafting, horseback riding, hiking (through virgin rain forest), bird watching, 4×4 adventure tours, visits to organic farms and orchid gardens – to name but a few. Best of all large tour groups are still conspicuous by their absence.

Santa Fé lies at an altitude of around 450 meters or 1350 feet, and due to its proximity to much higher mountains it enjoys a year round temperate tropical climate with warm days and cool nights. These mountains also temper the typical wet/dry tropical seasons, resulting in a beautiful green landscape.

The true charm about this town is that it isn’t overrun with development. It truly is a place to get away from it all and return to unspoiled nature.

I stayed at a delightful hotel with beautiful views across the valley.

Next stage: Panama City.


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