Panama City.

Whilst it didn’t even come close to matching my favourite city in the world – London, Panama City (PC) was an extremely interesting and enjoyable place to visit; it has a lot to offer the inquisitive visitor. The ace card for me was the Metro system, which made travel around the hot, sticky, sprawling metropolis an absolute dream. The cost of using it is rediculously cheap. I also managed to bag a lovely little B&B, in the heart of the city (near to Via Argentina metro station), with lovely owners and a price well within my budget. The B&B had a lovely garden in which to escape the madness of the city.

PC had a lot to live up to. It was my ultimate city in Central America and it had been high up on my bucket list for many years. I was a little concerned that it might not live up to my expectations. Let me tell you now – PC did not fail to impress me.

The bus from Santiago took around 5-hours to get to PC. We arrived at the massive Central Transport Terminal where I purchased an obligatory Metro Pass and boarded a super clean Metro train bound for ‘estacion Argentina.

Once checked in it was time to replace my stolen iPhone at a nearby Apple approved retailer. I could not spend another day without a smart phone!

My next task was to plan my four days in PC – where to go, what to see, and how to get there.

Next stage: Quatro dias en la ciudad Panama (part one).


Terminal Central de Panama


Metro de Panama



Metro Map of Panama City


Panama City Map showing route of ‘hop on/hop off ‘ bus


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