Chile facts.

Chile is approximately 4,630 kilometers long and 430 kilometers wide.

The total geographical area of Chile is roughly 756,096 square kilometres. The UK covers 243,610 square kilometres.

Chile Con Carne (literally hot sauce with meat) does not originate from Chile.

Protected by the Atacama desert in the north, the Andes in the the east, ice fields in the south, and the Pacific Ocean in the west – Chile is virtually an island.

Chile is responsible for 1/3rd of the world’s copper production.

The capital of Chile is ‘Santiago de Chile’, commonly known as just Santiago.

The country’s land is of volcanic origin and it has roughly 620 volcanoes. Most of them are considered to be active.

The southern part of the country is considered to witness the most amount of rainfall globally.

The oldest mummies in the world, the Chinchorro mummies, are located in Chile.

The Atacama Desert is said to be the driest place in the world.

The border between Argentina and Chile is the third-longest common border in the world, measuring approximately 3,200 miles.

The country witnessed military dictatorship from 1973-1990, after President Salvador Allende was overthrown by General Augusto Pinochet.

Chile has participated in the Olympics since its inaugural year and has won 13 medals since then with tennis bringing in the most, a total of four.

Chile has produced two Nobel laureates. Both Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 and 1945 respectively.

Chile was proclaimed an independent republic in 1818.

The country is considered to be one of the largest exporters of salmon.

Chile has the lowest divorce rates in the world.

Mataveri International Airport on Easter Island is the world’s remotest airport from another airport.

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