(St. Francisco de) Campeche – Unesco World Heritage Site.

Campeche is a colonial fairyland, its walled city centre a tight enclave of perfectly restored pastel buildings, narrow cobble- stoned streets, fortified ramparts and well preserved mansions. Added to Unesco’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1999, the state capital has been so painstakingly restored you wonder if it’s a real city. Lonely Planet guide to Central America.

The ADO first class coach left Mérida at 11:30 (precisely) and delivered me into Campeche two and a half hours later – ticket price £9.00.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than Mérida, I was presented with the spectacular walled city of Campeche. From a tourists perspective, this really is a fantastic location – with plenty of things to keep you occupied for at least a couple of days.

Casa número 6: This prerevolutionary-era mansion is worth the visit for an idea of how the city’s high society lived. The front sitting room is furnished with Cuban-style pieces of the period.

After a particularly blistering pirate assault in 1663, the remaining inhabitants of Campeche set about erecting protective walls around their city. Following the wall around is a great way to visit a number of museums and sites in one day. Among the favorite stops are two main entrances which connected the walled compound with the outside world – the Puerta del Mar, which opens onto a wharf, and the Puerta de Tierra.

I stayed in Terracotta Corner Rooms, an excellent B&B just outside the walled city itself. The rooms are equipped with fridges, facilitating some healthier eating!

Pastel coloured houses within the city walls.

Beautiful buildings surround the main plaza.

Cathedral backlit.

Casa número 6.

A city tour with one of the trolley buses.

Electric smart cars – city police force.

Next stage: Las Ruinas – Edzná – Campeche.

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