Trinidad (Cuba) – the sights & sounds of an amazing town.

In Trinidad, all roads lead to Plaza Mayor, the town’s remarkably peaceful main square, located at the heart of the old town and ringed by a quartet of impressive buildings.

Museo Histórico Municipal. For Trinidad’s showpiece museum look no further than this grandiose structure just off Plaza Mayor. The view of Trinidad from the top of the tower alone is worth the price of admission. Visit before 11am, when the tour Transtur buses start rolling in.

Iglesia Parroquial de la Santísima Trinidad. Despite its rather unremarkable outer facade, this church on the northeastern side of Plaza Mayor graces countless Trinidad postcard views. Rebuilt in 1892 on the site of an earlier church destroyed in a storm, the church mixes 20th-century touch-ups with artifacts from as far back as the 18th century.

Museo Romántico. Across Calle Simón Bolívar is the glittering Palacio Brunet. The ground floor was built in 1740, and the upstairs was added in 1808. In 1974 the mansion was converted into a museum with 19th-century furnishings, a fine collection of china and various other period pieces. Pushy museum staff may materialize out of the shadows for a tip.

Iglesia de Santa Ana. Grass grows around the domed bell tower, and the arched doorways were bricked up long ago, but the shell of this ruined church defiantly remains. Looming like a time-worn ecclesiastical stencil, it looks ghostly after dark.

Taller Alfarero. Trinidad is known for its pottery. In this large factory, teams of workers make trademark Trinidad ceramics from local clay using a traditional potter’s wheel. You can watch them at work and buy the finished product.

Old Steam Train. You can explore Valle de los Ingenios, near Trinidad, by a fantastic old steam train dating from 1906. Picturesque striking green Valle de los Ingenios was once centre of the sugar and slave trades, home to the plantations that brought prosperity to the Trinidad region in 18th centuries.

Despite the throngs of tourists (hauled in by Transtur) I loved Trinidad.

Everywhere you go – there is always live music in Cuba.

Children playing marbles in the street.

Embroidery club.

Size is everything. I wonder how long it would take to smoke?

The only working ‘train’ I clapped eyes on in Cuba.

Next stage: Camagüey – a must see colonial city.

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