Morelia – Mexico.

The state capital of Michoacán and its most dynamic and beautiful city, Morelia is an increasingly popular destination, and rightly so: the colonial heart of the city is so well preserved that it was declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 1991, and its cathedral is not just gorgeous, it’s inspirational.

Elegant 16th and 17th century stone buildings, baroque facades and archways line the narrow downtown streets, and are home to museums, hotels, restaurants, chocolaterías (chocolate shops), sidewalk cafes, a popular university and cheap-and-inviting taquerías (taco stalls).

Morelia’s beautiful cathedral (unforgettable when it’s lit up at night) dominates the city where it sits side-on to (rather than facing) the central plaza. It took more than a century to build (1640−1744), which explains the different architectural styles.

Morelia’s impressively preserved aqueduct runs for several kilometers along Avenida Acueducto and bends around Plaza Villalongín. It was built between 1785 and 1788 to meet the city’s growing water needs. Its 253 arches are stunning when illuminated at night.

Primera Bus: Pátzcuaro to Morelia 1.5 hours, £7.43.

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