Loreto – Baja California Sur.

Every now and then you drop on a location that really resonates with you, Loreto was one such place for me; it was a delightful place to visit and so beautiful. For a touristy location it was even quite peaceful.

Loreto has a lot going for it. It’s a very pretty small town with an excellent choice of hotels and restaurants, and it’s a water-sports paradise. It’s also home to the magnificent Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto, where the shoreline, ocean and offshore islands are protected from pollution and uncontrolled fishing.

Most hotels and services are near the landmark mission church on Salvatierra, while the attractive malecón is ideal for evening strolls. My hotel was set slightly further back from here. Hotel Angra, an excellent family owned place, was a 10-minute walk from the centre and conveniently placed for the bus terminal.

The Loreto area is also considered by anthropologists to be the oldest human settlement on the Baja Peninsula. Indigenous cultures thrived here due to plentiful water and food. In 1697 Jesuit Juan María Salvatierra established the peninsula’s first permanent mission at this modest port some 135km south of Mulegé.

There are an increasing number of micro breweries springing up in BCS, 1697 Restaurant & Pub is one such example, serving a wide range of excellent on-tap beers. Owned by a Mexican-Irish couple (ask how they met, now there’s a story!), this restaurant and micro brewery has cuisine that is fittingly diverse, ranging from creamy pastas to fillet steak and chicken fajitas. Its decor and terrace under the stars make it a great place to dine.

Next stage: La Paz.

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