La Paz to Los Mochis.

As the sun sets on La Paz, so draws the end of my travels in Baja California (Mexico). It has been an amazing journey. It truly is an extremely diverse and beautiful part of Mexico, and I’m so pleased that I made the effort to check it out. The next stage of my journey will take me from the peninsula to mainland Mexico.

“Baja, the earth’s second longest peninsula, offers over 1200km of the mystical, ethereal, majestic and untamed. Those lucky enough to make the full Tijuana to Los Cabos trip will find that the Carretera Transpeninsular (Hwy 1) offers stunning vistas at every turn. The middle of nowhere is more beautiful than you ever imagined, and people are friendly, relaxed and helpful – even in the border towns.” Lonely Planet – Mexico.

The high points: Whale watching in Guerrero Negro, the sleepy town of San Ignacio (and spending Christmas Eve with the Alford family), the beautiful town of Loreto, and finally – buzzing, but pleasant, La Paz.

The low points: Mexicali (soulless), Ensenada (just another big city), Christmas Day in Santa Rosalia, the absence of fellow back-packers (most people visit here with a car and so it’s not really a budget destination), some locations proved to be very expensive.

“Some people simply sip drinks and watch the sun disappear into the Pacific. Some choose to feel the rush of adrenalin as they surf that perfect wave. Others walk through sherbet-colored canyons or stare up at the night’s canopy of scattered-diamond stars. Whichever way you choose to take it, you’ll discover some of Baja’s many joys”. Lonely Planet – México.

Next stage: La Paz to Los Mochis ( mainland Mexico).

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My first independent travel experience was a trip to Israel, in 1997, it was here that I caught the 'travel' bug! In 2001 I took an 8-month sabbatical and traveled around South East Asia. Since then I have managed to visit most of Eastern Europe along with India, Bangladesh, and a few other destinations in between. I love travel and I love meeting new people.
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