It’s finally happened.

The excitement of flying to a vacation destination has always been enough to get me through pretty much any duration of flight. That is up until now.

My flight from BHX to Frankfurt was fine. I sat next to a very attractive and chatty language teacher – her passion was teaching and travelling. We had a lot in common; the time flew by.

The next flight, Frankfurt to Cancun, was an agonising ordeal. Nothing to do with the excellent and extremely hospitable staff of Lufthansa, it just seemed to take forever. I usually avoid looking at the location map on the inflight entertainment screen but I couldn’t take my eyes of it on this particular flight! Perhaps it’s time not to be so tight and splash out on a premium class seat?

The situation was aggravated even more by the annoying German/Italian guy who sat next to me. His vain attempts to bore me to death were finally abated when I placed my head phones on and politely ignored him. Things got even worse when, towards the end of the flight, aforementioned bore asked if he could join me on the ADO bus from the airport to the centre of town. I reluctantly agreed.

Passport control was yet another opportunity for him to babble on about nothing of any interest and it was with much relief that we swept through passport control with relative ease.

We then had to wait an eternity for his bags (note the plural) to land on the carrousel and then, when we finally made it to security, we were both called to one side for a bag check. Thankfully I pretended not to be his fellow traveler.

His bag check unearthed a plethora of contraband and it wasn’t long before a team of security police surrounded both him and the spewed out contents of his suitcases.

Having safely cleared the security check myself, I quickly made a solo B line for the nearest exit and hot footed it to the ADO bus stop.

I just hope the return flight is somewhat more enjoyable.

Next stage: Cancun > Bacalar > Xcalak.

About Richard Griffith

My first independent travel experience was a trip to Israel, in 1997, it was here that I caught the 'travel' bug! In 2001 I took an 8-month sabbatical and traveled around South East Asia. Since then I have managed to visit most of Eastern Europe along with India, Bangladesh, and a few other destinations in between. I love travel and I love meeting new people.
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