Santiago to Puerto Montt to Puerto Varas by bus (16-hours).

The Lakes District (Chile).

The further south you go, the greener it gets, until you find snow-clad volcanoes rising over verdant hills and beautiful clear lakes.

Two menacing volcanoes stand guard over the delightful town of Puerto Varas, which sits beside a very large, but very beautiful lake. There are a plethora of outdoor activities to hand including: kayaking, fly fishing, hiking, horse riding, and skiing. Or, you can just lounge about on the beach, beside the ‘cool’ but crystal clear lake.

As was always the plan, I have now ditched hotels and chosen hostels. It’s a good way of saving money and a great way to meet fellow travellers.

Nearby (20 minutes by bus) is the 19th Century German settlement of Frutillar. Here you can discover the history behind the settlement and enjoy home baked pies. Indeed it’s a village of net curtains and a veritable feast of home made produce.

Another day trip is Petrohue where you can walk around yet another beautiful lake or climb the snow capped volcano of Petrohue. The heat and the horse flys led me to abort this mission, half way through!

Chile and Argentina have both proved to be a comfortable introduction to South America. Both are extremely westernised and you could genuinely be forgiven in thinking that you are in Europe.

Today I took, the unusually short bus trip (3-hours), to Ancud on the island of Chiloe.






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My first independent travel experience was a trip to Israel, in 1997, it was here that I caught the 'travel' bug! In 2001 I took an 8-month sabbatical and traveled around South East Asia. Since then I have managed to visit most of Eastern Europe along with India, Bangladesh, and a few other destinations in between. I love travel and I love meeting new people.
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One Response to Santiago to Puerto Montt to Puerto Varas by bus (16-hours).

  1. Kenneth Gower says:

    Hi Griff – Apologies for not writing sooner.
    What stunning scenery you are in the middle of – I can only look on in awe & envy!! As I have said before – I truly admire your spirit of adventure – you must be very happy with your life at the moment – a satisfied man I’m sure!! The picture of the volcano rising from the haze in the distance is amazing – it sends shivers down my spine.
    Power to your elbow young fellow – I wish I were with you.

    I’ll write to you in more detail I a short while.

    Kind regards Ken

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