Feliz Navidad?

I was not looking forward to Christmas at all, this was my second Christmas abroad and my second without my dear mother. It was never going to be a bundle of laughs. However, having completed the job in Brazil I was looking forward to getting back to Sucre and the delightful Casa Verde B&B.

Christmas Day kicked off with a fantastic breakfast. I then went on walk about.

The service at Sucre cathedral was a very humbling experience. Whilst I understood very little of the ‘religious’ Spanish, I got the drift. A Christmas Day service must be pretty much the same the world over. One lovely aspect of the service was families bringing trays full of baby Jesus dolls for the priest to bless.

The main plaza was packed with hoards of indigenous families, when I exited the cathedral; they had come down from the nearby villages to except food and gifts from various local charities. It was a fascinating scene.

The district band and a group of dancers were also performing in the square and this attracted a large crowd of us foreigners.

And so a quiet but pleasant Christmas Day came to a close with a fantastic meal at a local restaurant along with an odd glass of red.

Next stage: Copacabana and Lake Titicaca.






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