The laid back beach village of Hopkins.

Had I not stayed in such disappointing accommodation, Hopkins would have rated high in my ‘places to visit’ in Belize. Out of character, I decided to book a room in advance, a decision I  would live to regret; once the deposit is paid there is no going back!

This friendly, slightly scruffy, coastal village attracts travelers looking to soak up sea breezes and Garifuna culture. It’s an unpretentious place and makes a good base for explorations to the cays, reefs and islands. It’s also a great place to meet locals and fellow travellers, though for me, not at hostal Funky Dodo!

Founded in 1942 by people from Newtown, a nearby Garifuna settlement that was destroyed by a hurricane, the village is named after Frederick Charles Hopkins, a Catholic priest who drowned in the waters here in 1923.

Hopkins stretches about 1.5 miles along the coast and is divided by the 4.5 mile sealed Hopkins Rd from the Southern Hwy into North Side and South Side.

If I was a betting man I would suggest that hostal ‘Funky Dodo’ is heading for the same fate as it’s name sake. Of course I could be completely wrong – good quality, cheap, accomodation is currently hard to find in Hopkins. I don’t mind doing basic but I do mind paying above basic prices.

Positives: Met some really interesting people, including three gorgeous chicas from England. Enjoyed some fantastic food – especially the Jerk Chicken – hot and spicy.

The beautiful clean beach at Hopkins

My overpriced prison cell at Hostal Funky Dodo.

The long overdue “Full English”.

Next stage: Belize City.

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