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Belize/Belice (British Honduras).

In 1859 Britain and Guatemala signed a treaty that gave Britain sole rights to the land of Belize, provided that the British built a road from Guatemala to the Caribbean coast. The treaty still stands, and the road, long ignored, … Continue reading

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The Crystal Maiden of Belize.

Ever since my travels in Latin America began, in late 2013, in nearly every place that I have visited, I have tried to leave something undone. Belize was no exception. What I left undone in Belize turned out to be something fairly major. I just didn’t know it at the time. Continue reading

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It’s finally happened.

The excitement of flying to a vacation destination has always been enough to get me through pretty much any duration of flight. That is up until now. My flight from BHX to Frankfurt was fine. I sat next to a … Continue reading

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