Copper Canyon Railway – El Fuerte to Creel.

The simply breathtaking highland scenery in the Copper Canyon (Barranca del Cobre) region is nature on a very grand scale indeed. Of everything there is to see in northern Mexico, nothing comes close to the Copper Canyon, with its astonishing vistas at every turn, towering pine-clad mountains and the fascinating culture of the native Tarahumara people. Lonely Planet – México.

A labyrinth of seven main canyons covers an area four times larger than Arizona’s Grand Canyon, and the canyons are, in several places, considerably deeper (over 1800m) than the Grand Canyon’s. The canyons have been gouged out of the sierra’s 25-million-year-old volcanic rock by tectonic movements and rivers.

Of all the train journeys I have enjoyed across the world this has to be one of the best. The scenery along the way, especially between El Fuerte and Divisadero, was absolutely incredible. Check out this video Copper Canyon Railway.

Ticket price for the 8-hour journey, between El Fuerte and Creel) was £57.00 (one way).

The CHEPE web site for bookings and timetables can be found here.

Next stage: Creel – Zip lining across the canyons.

El Fuerte.

The start of our journey.



The start of the breath taking scenery.

The ultimate view of the canyons – Divisadero.

The route.

The incredible climb of the railway can be appreciated from this chart.

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