Chihuahua, capital of Mexico’s biggest state, is a quirky but pleasant combination of norteño character, revolutionary history and bohemian studenty hangouts. Many travelers use it only as an overnight stop before or after riding the Ferrocarril Chihuahua Pacífico, but Chihuahua is worth more of your time. The city centre combines grand colonial buildings, several beautiful plazas, pedestrianized lanes and a crop of restaurants, cafes and bars. Its museums bear witness to the key episodes of Mexican history that unfolded here. In short, it is an interesting city with a strong sense of identity. Lonely Planet – México.

I very much enjoyed my time in Chihuahua; being in Chihuahua also meant being warm again.

The only negative was my hotel – a very odd place indeed. Run by a mother and son combo, they had a strange clientele of a somewhat dubious nature. They also insisted that their guests preferred breakfast from 10am to 1pm! Most unusual. Suffice to say I ate breakfast elsewhere, and spent as little time as possible at the hotel.

Next stage: La República Dominicana – The Dominican Republic.

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